This paper is originated from a field research in national level. While methodology of research is explained in the form of research aims, methods of gathering of data, research questions, community and statistics sample, and methods of analysis of data, scientific literature related to the subject is briefly mentioned. In the next section that forms the main framework of the paper first the situation of organizational entrepreneurship in governmental cultural and social organizations is explained in district and regional divisions. Then with regard to research questions and the important variables of these questions, the entrepreneurial attributes in structural, behavioral and environmental factors have been studied and next the extend of relationship of these factors and its secondary variables with entrepreneurship in governmental cultural and societal organizations and their importance have been analyzed using explanatory and inferential statistics methods. In the final section, with regard to scientific analysis of real and conceptual data, propositions and approaches for development of entrepreneurship in governmental cultural and societal organizations, which can be used by other governmental and private organizations, have been brought up.