Entrepreneurs are creative, innovative, risk taking, dynamic, flexible, brave, opportunity recognizer, team builder, achievement - oriented, futuristic minded, leadership potentiality, network builder, independent and self- reliant people.
Entrepreneurship is a key factor on: (1) Economical Growth and Development of countries (2) providing Employment and Job opportunities (3) Enhancing productive and production capabilities (4) contributing to the high levels of creativity and innovation and (5) creating wealth and providing adequate welfare.
Entrepreneurship characteristics model is composed of psychological, demographical, educational, managerial and environmental indicators.
All in all, entrepreneurship is a complex construct, with multi -dimensional correlation. Psychological demographical, educational, managerial and environmental characteristics of an entrepreneur are of utmost importance and should be considered in order to start - up a successful business. All new ideas and knowledge should be converted to profitable and useful products and services. And education for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship should start from very early stages of childhood.