Good governance that is described with characteristics such as participation, transparency, accountability, effectiveness, efficiency, and rulership of law is
a model. with an interaction mechanism between the governmental sector, private sector and civil society for sustainable human development.
This model follows minimal role of state and enhancement of civil institutions
and private sector. For. this end in view, emphasis is put on interaction between governmental sector, private sector, and civil society. This theory believes that instead of incumbency, government must enhance its facilitating
and regulating role.
In Good Government Model, representative and participatory government is discussed and in this manner, the way is paved for activity of other sectors. In order to put the above role into practice, the model of
facilitating government in good governance with some variables such as democracy, participation, accountability, justice-orientation and effectiveness is proposed. If the above-mentioned variables are realized in government, interaction between it and other sector will increase. Theoretically analyzing
this model is ultimate purpose of this paper.