Nowadays research and educational institutes, especially universities, play an important role in progress and development of communities. In spite of that,
the system of research and education encounters numerous challenges and it should adopt a proper course of action to develop motivation and to employ
researchers and scholars who are in Iran and work theirs way up the ladder and in fact prevent brain drain. Studies indicate that research and educational
centers, particularly universities and most importantly Tehran University as symbol of higher education, do not function effectively and successfully for the present time. In this paper, it is attempted to show concisely how research
and educational institutes and universities can, as a complex communal system, function in dynamic interaction with other social systems and with
regard to changing situations of environment endeavor to restructure its new role and prevent serious disorder in its performance as well as that of other
approximating systems. The main supposition is that this matter will not be realized except through changing opinion, devising a systematic thought in the main parts of system, and following principles of strategic planning.