Identifying variables related to employee’s psychological empowerment in Qom education organization



In this article inorder to identify variables related to employee’s psychological empowerment in Qom Education Organization, at first, psychological empowerment and it’s components (trust, impact, self-determination, meaning, competence) are set as a dependent variable and participative management, training, fostering personal mastery experiences , amotional erousal, connecting to outcomes, having clear vision and goals, providing information, providing resource, modeling, providing support, creating confidence and demographic characteristics are set as independent variables and then the relationship between independent variables and dependent variable are surveyed based on questionnaire?s data.
The results show that there is a direct relationship between “having clear vision and goals”, “connecting to outcomes” and “demographic characteristics (education and gender)” and psychological empowerment. And there is an indirect relationship between other independent variables (with the exception of traning ,fostering personal mastery experiences and providing resource) and psychological empowerment.