Explication of effectiveness of diamond model for time management in sugarcane agro industry



Skills of more useful and effective use of time is the key to management and organizations success.Organization managers for obtimal use of time and prevention to time consumption, for development of time management, should know how to operate and use the time and exigency of using diamond model. Checking and explication of the way of using manager’s time and recognizing of consumption factors, their time base on behavorial variables and explanatory in the frame of diamond model is the paper goal.
In fact, diamond model is a tetrahedron and systematic system,which includes: work timing program, work priority setting, arbitrary delegation and correct foming and managing technique of meetings, each of these, needs a key variable,
In this paper, time consumption factors of managers in the form of redundant facets of diamond model will be discussed.
Statistic research society constituting.
High and middle level managers of sugarcane agro industry will be formed by 54 members. collecting data will be in the statistical form and the tool will be questionnaire.
For data analyzation and hypothesis test, further than descriptive statistic indicators we will use from one variable inference statistics andX 2.