Study of the condition of Information and Communication Technology development in Iran and World



Nowadays Information and Communication Technology(ICT) function as a powerful tool influencing human affairs including social, economical, cultural and political issues. Countries which invoke these technology are seriously developing much faster from those which make weaker steps. In this sense, it is useful to make comparison between the available statistics in Iran with those of other countries. This article, investigates the present day condition of ICT in Iran and the beyond. To survey this issue we had used descriptive – comparative method. Invoking indexes of telecommunication and internet duplicated by ITU and UNESCO. First of all kinds of development in some selected countries was take into account and then comparison was made between Iran and other countries which have the same position as Iran. The results showed that America, Europe, and East Asia are fundamentally more successful in ICT, internet and telecommunication as opposed of developing countries. Iran, too, gained low middle concerning the same countries. Of the factors making barriers, was insufficient knowledge of ICT, lack of comprehensive policy, and shortage of expertise.