Studying of Factors Affecting Reduce Administrative Corruption (Case Study in Tehran Municipality)



This study aimed to identify and prioritize the factors affecting Adaray reduce corruption in the system, the review examines these factors and to provide appropriate solutions and strategies to reduce corruption. This research follows the question whether the quality of work life factors, individual Drvnsazmany, Brvnsazmany and cultural level of corruption has an impact or not. Thus, this factor in the form of twelve sub-hypotheses in the form elements such as proportion of employed job, transparency, performance evaluation, discipline mechanism, reducing conflict between individual and organization goals, public participation, community building process, strengthening the role and status of press and free media, ethics in the organization, powers and responsibilities, workplace safety and mental health staff and participation in decision making, has been studied.
The research method applied and descriptive survey was used. Statistical Society staff and experts in the State Department and deputy administrative and financial areas of Tehran form. Research sampling, simple random sample and it is 108 employees.
In order to analyze the statistical data from various statistical tests: from the point Likert spectrum is used. Test Kolmogrov - Smirnov, Wilcoxon test, T - Student and Friedman test, was used.