A Study Relationship between Organizational Culture and Job Satisfaction Among Professorates and Employees in Tabriz University Persian



The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between organizational culture and job satisfaction among the professorates and employees in Tabriz university. The research sample consisted of 209 subjects who was chosen through the stratified random sampling. All participants completed the Hofsted Organizational Culture Questionnaire (HOCQ) and Job Descriptive Index (JDI). Results indicated that the kind of Organizational Culture in Tabriz university was rational culture, in addition the job satisfaction was different between three kind of organizational culture. The results of Analysis of variance (ANOVA) indicated that there was different between job satisfaction among the kinds of scientific ranks, but that was not significant. The results of T-Test showed which there was significant difference between the job satisfaction of professorates and employees. Related to gender, results showed that scores mean of male were meaningfully more than female. Results also illustrated that there was positive relationship between organizational culture and job satisfaction.