The Impact of Impression Management on the Performance Tele Communication Company Base on Balance Scorecard Model (A Case Study in Tele Communication Company of Esfahan)



People always notice to other’s ideas and judgments about themselves. Personnel also use different tactics of impression management in different situations, to reach their purposes in organization. One of the personnel's purposes is the improvement of the organization performance. Performance measurement of an organization is the process of quantifying the efficiency and effectiveness of its actions. In this research the balance scorecard model has been selected among various presented models for performance measurement. This model provides requisite criterion and indices for organization evaluation with emphasizing on four key aspects: “financial perspective, customer perspective, learning process and growth and internal business process”. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the impact of impression management on the performance of Esfahan's telecommunication company base on balance scorecard model. This study is a descriptive-measurement research. The research statistical society is the personnel of Telecommunication Company of Esfahan and including 1450 employees. So, a simple randomly sampling with a number of 203 persons.