Relationship Between Organizational Justice and Employee Engagement at Work in Social Exchange Theory Framwork



Employee engagement at work is a concept that recently entered in organizational discussions in past two decades. Engaged employees are happy, energetic and productive employees that are willing to invest the discretionary effort through the work and organizational roles.
Previous literatures show that employee engagement at work is affected by different personal, vocational and organizational characteristics. One of the important factors affecting the employee engagement is their perceived organizational justice. Therefore, the main purpose of this research is the survey of relationship between organizational justice and employee engagement at work (work engagement) among three hundred and ninety one employees of national Iranian oil refining & distribution company. The variables were measured by organizational justice questionnaire (OJQ) and Utrecht work engagement scale (UWES). The correlation and regression analyses demonstrate that organizational justice is positively related to employee engagement at work (R=. /552) and also regression analysis demonstrates that organizational justice can be the antecedent of the dependent variable.