Survey of the relationship between in- service training and employee empowerment


Employee empowerment, as a modern approach for interior motivation of job, means to release employees' interior powers, to prepare groundwork, and to create opportunities for developing talents, abilities, and individuals' competences.
This research, based on Whetten and Cameron model, is carried out according to the matter that empowerment is multilateral and five dimensions that are meaningfulness, choice (self-determination), competence, impact and trust are emphasized.
With regard to the matter that the education of employees and development of their profession is the main part of empowerment program, the current research aims to study in-service training of Qom Agriculture Organization. To do this, statistic community of officials who have bachelor degree of higher degrees are selected and counted.
The results of research reject all assumptions that there is meaningful relationship between in-service education and employee empowerment.(In this research all hypothesis’s P-Value are more than 0/05)
However the secondary result that is gained and is very joyful is that the level of employees' capability in all dimensions of psychological empowerment is higher than the average.