Study of effective factors of employee's job satisfaction (research-analytical approach)


Job satisfaction indicates the level in which people satisfied their job and like it. Some of the people enjoy their job and consider it as main bases of their life and the others hate their job and do that just because they have to do it. Studies about important reasons and results of employees attitude about job satisfaction is one of main aspect of organizational-industrial psychology. There are many studies about recognition and perception of effective factors of job satisfaction in compare with other organizational variable. In addition to the evaluation of employee's attitude in this regards, expressed as a public and common activity in organization which their managers follow psychological and physical welfare of their own employees. The purpose of this essay is study of effective factors of employee's job satisfaction whit theoretical-descriptive approach, which in addition to reviewing of the most important effective factors of employee's job satisfaction, pay attention to references and history in this subject. And express different professional's point of views in this part.