An Analytic Network Process (ANP) Model to Identify Faulty Behavior Risk (FBR) in Work System



Work system safety is a function of many factors, besides its dynamic and complex structure. There may be relations and dependencies among the safety factors. Therefore, work system safety should be analyzed in a holistic manner. In this study, the faulty behavior risk (FBR) which is significant in work system safety is tried to be determined through analytical network process (ANP) which is an extension of analytical hierarchy process and allows analysis of complex systems. In first step, different influencing factors, which are determined from different sources, are evaluated by the experts and most important factors were selected. In the next step, the ranking of the factors by use of absolute numbers scale were done and by means of a step by step model, FBR of three different work systems of the company are computed through using the ANP model. In this research, basic assumption is dependency relation among organizational, personal and job factors. Finally, by computing FBR of three work systems in a production facility in Qom, decisions concerning continuity of operation, corrective actions and stop system were adopted.