Chaos Theory and Stock Markets (Case of Tehran Stock Market)



Passing two decades of Tehran Stock Exchange reopening, the transaction volume and number of accepted companies in it, have been enormously increased and engaged so many real and incorporated stock holders. Therefore, gradually it will find its significant role in the country economy and this will double the responsibility of researchers in the economic field for utilizing more new and effective techniques and methods for clarifiying the reasons of market fluctuations. On the other hand, the chaos theory has opened a new window to management and economic domain and in the recent years it has attracted more and more enthusiasm among interested people. So forth, observing the Tehran stock Exchange from this point of view seems fruitful. In this paper, we will review the fundamentals of chaos theory and various systems in order to answer this key question that “Whether the Tehran Stock Exchange is a chaotic system or not?”
Our particular methodology of the research has shifted it from an ordinary research to a meta research, for this reason, we have not collected the related Tehran Stock Exchange data directly in this paper, but we have tried to address the main question of our research by collecting ...