Comparative Review of the Recruitment Process and a Suitable Model Designed for Knowledge-Based Organizations: A Case Study on Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI)



Recruitment of human resources has a critical importance as the most important and essential asset of a knowledge-based organization. The process of resourcing and recruitment has to be compatible with the characteristics of a knowledge-based organization and conditions of competitive markets in this regard. In this paper, which is the result of an applied developmental study, the process of recruitment of human resource as the main element of resourcing is studied and the new process has been suggested by means of benchmarking with internal and external organizations.
The purpose of this research is to achieve an efficient and practical system of human resource recruitment and to offer advices based on the findings of the research, especially the effect of facilitating the process of recruitment on keeping knowledge workers. In this research, the set of important criteria for designing the recruitment process has been offered in the form of five key components in the process of human resources recruitment procedure using explorative method and by studying literature concerning knowledge organizations, project background, and via taking three domestic research institutes and four foreign companies as models and applying the opinions of experts and organizational managers. ...