An Introduction to the Methodology of Grounded Theory for Islamic Research(Presentation of a Sample)



Today, the necessity of theories localizing, especially in humanities, is the public want in Iranian scientific society. Using the Islamic texts for theorizing in new area is one of the suitable approaches for localizing which is developing continuously. But because of poor methodology in this approach, the results are not acceptable. The purpose of this article is introducing a qualitative method in theorizing for doing Islamic researches. In order to approve the efficiency, we have used this method in a case study and explained its implementation step by step.
The methodology of Grounded theory has been chosen for this purpose. Author believes that this methodology is one of the methods that can be used in Islamic researches. The stages of implementation of this method which has been known as "Coding", is convenient with the method of research in Islamic texts.
For open coding, we used the document analysis and for classifying the factors and discovering the relations among components and dimensions in two stages of principal coding and selective coding, we have used the expert test. For modeling stage, the multi opinion technique has been used.
Creation of 34 dimensions has been the results of this research that have been classified in five categories: 1. Effective variables, 2. Field maker variables, 3. Preventive variables, 4. Output and results 5. Empowerment dimensions. ...