Explanation of Cultural Factors in According with Knowledge Management Success in Organization: A Case Study in NIOPDC



Successful advent to knowledge era requires that different structural, cultural, technological and human perquisites; the subject that has been neglected by many. Hence, this research deals with identifying the needed cultural factors in according with knowledge management success in organization. The main question is: what are cultural factors in according to knowledge management success in organization? How is the organization situation according to these dimensions and component. And which relation is there between mentioned components and knowledge management. The population of the research consists of staffs of the NIOPDC. Classified accidental method is used to determine the sample of this research. Data collection is done by in-person questionnaire and survey. The method research is field- descriptive. Finding results by using statistical methods indicate that the participation, sharing knowledge, trust, learning and knowledge productive leadership are the components of knowledge culture and there isa meaningful difference between present and appropriate situation of foregoing factors and these elements have positive effect on knowledge management. Finally, according to society research findings, some suggestions are presented to scientific and organizational.