Investigating the Direct and Indirect Effective of Managerial and Organizational Factors on Administrative- Financial Corruption in Government Organizations (Case Study: Government Organizations in Isfahan and Zanjan Provinces)



This research that is adopted from a PhD thesis of writer entitled "design a model of effective organizational and managerial factors on administrative-financial corruption in government organizations, has been executed in order to investigate a direct and indirect effective managerial and organizational factors on corruption in government organizations. Correlation method along with metrical approach is applied in this research. Reliability of the verified questionnaire is confirmed according to the primary study with cronbach's alpha 0.9794 and validity of the questionnaire has been verified through content validity and factorial analysis. The sampling method is of judgment sampling type, so that questionnaires have been distributed among 934 relevant managers and experts of government organizations in Isfahan and Zanjan provinces. With attention to the main objective of research and by means of SPSS software, effective managerial and organizational factors on corruption in government organizations have been recognized and the amount of direct and indirect effective factors on corruption have been investigated through studying casual relationships between variables. Finally it showed that the weaknesses of control system, communication, leadership, supervision, mobilizing resources and possibilities, organizing and sin structural factors effect administrative financial corruption respectively.