The Improvement of Organizational Performance Via the Strategic Coordination between the Human Resources, Ethical Decision Making and Organizational Culture Strategies : (Evidence from Research Institutes in Iran Ministry of Agriculture)



The coordination and alignment between the corporate, business and functional strategies cause to raise organizational efficiency. This article based on Strategic reference points theory, intends to illuminate how the alignment of human resources , ethical decision making and organizational culture strategies affect firm performance. Data for this study were collected from research organizations as statistical sample in ministry of agriculture. For collecting data about human resource strategy, ethical decision making strategy and culture strategy three questionnaires as well as productivity indexes were used to measure performance for a period of three years. The collected data were analyzed using chi-square and anova tests and bootstrapping technique. The outcomes of research show that at 95% confidence level, coordination between human resources strategies and ethical decision strategies can increase organizational performance. In addition, the average of organizational performance in organizations with high coordination is more than organizations with medium coordination, and the average of organizational performance in organizations with medium coordination is more than organizations with low coordination. The article concludes with a number of suggestions aimed at improving the organizational performance.