The Strategic Coordination between Trad Strategies, Human Resource Strategies and Organizational Structure



The present research is representing a template for coordination between human resources strategies and organizational structure and its effect on organizational performance. Three alignment (coordination) theories could be identified in management literature; logical pattern, natural pattern and strategic refrence point pattern. In this research after a review on the philosopphical and logical basis of strategic reference points, two reference points were considered as major reference points icluding; control level (low or high-intense) and attention focus (internal and external). In this research; method of data gathering: open and closed question in questionnaire analysis and quantitative means comparison test for independent samples, one-way analysis of variance, t-test and multivariate regression; statistical population: accepted pharmaceutical corporates in stock exchange were applied.
In the hypotheis content section which with of two main hypothesis and four sub-hypothesis, the following results are obtained. In spite of the relative cooridination-alignment in triple-variables (trade strategies, organizational structure amd human resources strategies and its sub-system) of pharmaceutical corporates, no coordination-alignment was obsereved between these variables.