Investigation of Customer Complainant Behavior from after Sales Services of Saipa Company



The purpose of this research is analyzing and investigating customer complainant behavior and dissatisfaction from Siapa services features in Shiraz. In addition, we are evaluating the relationship are collected from one open and two closed questionnaires between attitude toward complaint and complainant behavior. Necessary information. By using of cluster sampling, and six areas of Shiraz 147 randomized questionnaires are collected. In this research, we used the correlation and regression analysis. Results of this research show that customers who were not respected appropriatetly, used negative word of mouth communication and whom their complaints were not verified appropriately, wanted to protest Saipa company the customer that was not responded and receipted appropriately, using the negative word of the mouth and exit or switching. And also everybody that was not responded to their complaints appropriately, intend to inform their complaints about Siapa Company.