The Study of Relationship between Organizational Justice and Psychological Empowerment



One of factors which distinguishes today’s organizations is having employees who are internally and psychologically empowered, so imcreasing it is an important program for all the pioneering organizations. In this research the effect of four-dimensional model of organizational justice - distributive justice, procedural justice, interpersonal justice and informational justice – on psychological empowerment has been analyzed. The statistical population of the research were 4680 employees of a big industrial Complex, 356 of whom were sampled by stratified random sampling and finally 290 people answered the questionaires. Research findings indicate a meaningful relationship between organizational justice and psychological empowerment . So it ,s necessary for the organizations to establish and develop justice in their work environment , and in this way psychological empowerment will be developed, too. The results of the multiple regression analysis indicate that there ,s a multi-dimensional meaningful Correlation between the dimensions of organizational justice and psychological empowerment.