The Ranking of Public Banks of Kerman Based on the Level of Social Capital Using MADM Techniques



by entering the era of information and communication and moving from manufacturing and industrial economy towards knowledge-based service economy; the competitive bases of businesses have changed from capital budgeting and tangible assets towards intangible assets and intellectual capital, including social and relational capitals. Hence, over the past ages, organizations emphasize more on informal relationships and interactions among employees in order to exchange their own ideas, knowledge and information for creating value for external customers, and organization internal customers as well. Then, creating and developing social capital requires the awareness of its existence or non-existence by measuring it in organization. Hence, this article has focused on measuring and ranking the social capital in public banks of Kerman City. Research findings show that among studied Banks, Refak Bank and Mellat Bank acquired the first and the last rankings respectively. Also, Melli, Tejarat and Maskan Banks acquired the second to the forth ranks.