Performance Assessment of the Suggestion System in Agricultural Jihad Organization of Fars Province Using the EFQM Model



Suggestion system is the cerebral and practical cooperation of an organization staff in different managerial levels. In suggestion system, all the organization staff actively attempt to resolve the problems and promote the productivity of the organization, and to collaborate with the managers through proposing plans and suggestions. In this way, a unanimous consultation system is established for reaching the organizational goals. Furthermore, the organization management benefits from this valuable treasure of suggestions and proposals in order to attain the organizational objectives. In modern societies in which numerous challenges are encountered; the necessity is accentuated to implement the suggestion system as a practical procedure in an updated management process of organization. Our country is not exceptional in this case; although suggestion system has been implemented in different organizations including the Agricultural Jihad Organization of Fars Province. Performance assessment is one of the procedures to investigate the results of implementation of suggestion system. Based on the acquired results, the conditions can be improved using a progress EFQM model. The following research is a descriptive-comparative investigation conducted to assess the suggestion system in Agricultural Organization of Fars Province. In this research, the staff of the aforementioned organization answered the questionnaire of performance assessment using the EFQM mode. The gathered answers have been analyzed using the descriptive and deductive statistics and applying the t-test. The results indicate a positive performance for suggestion system in Agricultural Jihad Organization of Fars Province.