Identify the Factors Influencing the Turnover of Knowledge Workers

Document Type : Research Article




The aim of this study is to identify factors influencing the turnover of knowledge workers at the Iranian National Company of Oil Refining and Distribution.
 The main question of this research is that view of KW is different from their managers. Therefore, after a thorough literature review, the researcher has chosen thefactors that effect on turnover. The personal, environmental and structural factors and job satisfaction, organizational commitment is consider to survey.
The statistical sample of this study were the managers and employees of Iranian National Company of Oil Refining and Distribution, therefore, based on a random sampling method, we have survey 120 respondents. Instrument for measurement is questionnaire.
 Based on the proposed research model, we have examined the research questions, which consisted of one main question and five sub questions. Conclusion demonstrate the differences between the views of KWs and their mangers about the factors that effect on their turnover. Knowledge workers’ preferences are the general training, autonomy, social support and pay. Managers’ preferences are job satisfaction, pay, social support and justice.