Determining Organizational Factors Affecting Educational Failure of the Students and How to Control and reduce it (Case Study: University of Kashan)

Document Type : Research Article


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Human Sciences, Payam-e Noor University, Isfahan

2 Tadbir Gostar Eqlim Un. Incubator Centre, University of Kashan

3 Assistant Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Kashan

4 Management of Planning and Development, University of Kashan


The purpose of this study was to studying the affecting organizational factors on
educational failure of Kashan University’ Students, the outcomes of educational failure
and providing solutions for overcoming or decreasing it. In the present study, the
qualitative grounded theory method has been used. In addition, for more access to the
data, institutional analysis methods and analysis of documents has been used too. In
the method of grounded theory, 15 students, 10 staff and 5 faculty members in
university of Kashan has been interviewed and the data, using open, axial and selective
coding, were analyzed. The paradigmatic model resulted from data analysis showed
that the effective organizational factors on the educational failure were included:
incompatibility with new environment, inefficient perception about the field,
inflexibility of learning environment, prevalence of quantity-oriented evaluation and
overcoming of theoretical environment on the experimental environment. The desired
phenomena were result 6 action and interaction strategies Three interfering factors
were detected in these solutions which are including: leisure and access to leisure
facilities, university’s local society’s structure and the relationship between professor
and student. Finally, the category of the effecting core of the educational failure of the
students of University of Kashan was lack of participating in learning environment.