Competitive Intelligence Such as a New Construction in Strategic Thinking Development (The Case of comparing public and private banks of Mazandaran Province)

Document Type : Research Article


1 PhD Student of Public Policy, Management Faculty, University of Tehran, Tehran

2 Associate Professor, Department of Business Management, University of Tehran, Tehran

3 Master of Business Management, University of Payamnur, Sari


Now days, competitive power, according to the company’s survival. Competitive
intelligence as a strategic management tool and one of the fastest growing areas of the
business world is one. The purpose of the present studies, competitive intelligence and
investigate its impact on managers are thinking strategically. First of intelligence
terminology the competitive aspects of the market, competitors, technology and
strategy was discussed. For this purpose, 70 supervisors and managers of state-owned
banks (National Bank) and private banks were selected as the target population. This is
an example of private banks and public banks, and thus the results can be generalized.
For gathering competitive intelligence information, a questionnaire (25 questions)
based on the literature review was developed from component and the validity and
reliability, most of the banks in the sample analyzed. For the classification and
interpretation of the data, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics for hypothesis
testing, such as test and T-test was used to test correlations. Results of statistical
analysis, competitive intelligence, and strategic decisions Byangrvjvd significant
difference between public and private banks are .Findings is that private banks in terms
of competitive intelligence and strategic thinking given the fundamental principles of
the State Bank of better place.