The Study of Current State of Entrepreneurial Organizational Culture in Iran`s Public Sector and Recommendations to Improve It

Document Type : Research Article


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Management, Hazrate Masoumeh University


Today, governments are looking for efficient and innovative mechanisms in different departments of administrative system. It seems that old approaches are not effective anymore and public bureaucracies have faced with necessities of change, transformation, creativity, initiation, and, innovation. In this regard, introducing entrepreneurship theories within public sector is a relative new approach. It seems that many factors affect the effective use of entrepreneurial approach in public sector organizations and culture can play a vital role in this effective application. This paper tries to provide guidelines for improving current state of Iranian public sector organizations through descriptive survey of organizational entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture within these organizations. Statistical population consists of top executives of 27 Iranian public organizations and data were gathered through questionnaire and also through interviewing with these executives and were analyzed by inferential statistical techniques. Findings show that studied organizations are not in favorable situation regarding entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture. This organizational entrepreneurship should be promoted in the base of entrepreneurial culture characteristics. The results of structural equations modeling comfirm the effects of dimensions of entrepreneurial culture on organizational entrepreneurship.