Study on the possibility of utilizing the successor-making program at Al-Mustafa International University

Document Type : Research Article



Increasing flow of competitiveness and organizational necessity for achieving higher levels of quality and productivity leads the managers to become more capable, intelligent and competent than today's. Managers and leaders have a determinant role in that organizational goals are gotten or not.
In this research researchers look for investigating the readiness of Al-Mustafa International University (MIU) for implementation of succession planning. The status of research dimensions were studied by one-sample T-test through distributing research questionnaire among 56 patients of managers as a statistical sample. The results showed that mean of 5 dimensions are above mean of 6 others are below mean that latters need for serious actions.
Also, these dimensions was ranked by Friedman-test that "prospective attitude of managers" gained highest rank and "participating climate" gained lowest rank. The results of correlation-test showed that "work experience" has negative correlations with "organizational strategy clarity" and "meritocracy" in 99% of confidence interval and with "top managers' patronage", "prospective attitude of managers" and "active HR department" in 95% of confidence interval.