Designing Cultural Policy Implementation Model for Islamic Republic Of Iran and Comparing It with Other Models

Document Type : Research Article


1 Professor, Faculty of Management, Farabi Campus, University of Tehran, Iran

2 Professor, Faculty of Management, Allameh Tabatabaie University, Iran

3 Ph.D, Faculty of Management, Farabi Campus, University of Tehran, Iran


This article discuss about public policy implementation for cultural space in Iran. We want to design a model for implementing cultural policy. And will explain the factors of the model and the relations between them. Then we will compare the proposed model with the other famous models on the word. The proposed model created with the qualitative methodology which is Grounded Theory (GT). With presenting comparison table in this article the basic element or factors of different policy implementation models have compared with our proposed solution which is “designing the cultural policy implementation model for Islamic republic of Iran”. Three point of view and paradigms in public policy implementation are explained in this article; 1. top-down approach; 2. bottom up approach; 3. synthesize or hybrid approach.



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