The pattern of organizational misbehaviors: causes, content and consequences

Document Type : Research Article


1 PHD of student of Organizational Behavior Management college of Farabi University of Tehran

2 University of Tehran

3 Associate Professor, Department of Information Technology Management, University of Tehran


Organizational misbehaviors are one of the organizational weaknesses and problems that researchers have always considered due to its importance and impact on organizational performance. This study aims to provide a Pattern of organizational misbehavior extracted from the research literature using the meta-synthesis method. The statistical population includes articles published between 1995 and 2021. After screening, 60 articles were selected for final analysis. Data analysis was performed using a deductive approach to theme analysis with Maxquda2020; the analysis of articles, 281 codes extracted are classified into 57 categories and five main themes. The main identified themes include the causes of the organizational misbehavior, moderating variables, mediating variables, the nature of the organizational misbehavior, the purpose of the organizational misbehavior, types of the organizational misbehavior, and its consequences. Extracting the present pattern to identify gaps in the organizational misbehavior research can be useful in clarifying the direction of future research and managing them in the organization.