Provide and Explain the Compensation Pattern for the Faculty Members of Public Universities in Lorestan Province with Mix Method

Document Type : Research Article


1 Professor, Faculty of Management, AND Economic Sciences, Lorestan University, Khorramabad, Iran

2 Ph. D Student, Faculty of Management and Economics Sciences, Lorestan University, Khorramabad, Iran

3 Ph.D. Faculty of Management and Economic Sciences. Lorestan University, Khorramabad, Iran


The present stusy aimed to provide a pattern for compensation of Faculty members in public universities in Lorestan province using a mixed approach.This research is a combination of qualitative and quantitative research and is applied- developmental in terms of purpose. The statistical population of the study includes public universities of Lorestan provinces that 30 experts were selested using purposive sampling method. In the qualitative part, the data were collected and extracted using method content analysis and then through coding. The research findings in the qualitative section include the identifying the themes of compensation such as situational characteristics of compensation, dimensions of compensation, indicators of compensation and consequences of compensation. In the quantitative part of the research, data presented using structural- interpretive modeling method and distribution of aggregation questionnaire and final model. Also, the Findings in the quantitative selection indicate the leveling of topics and presentation of the compensation model. This research can theorically added to the existing knowledge in the field of faculty compensation.


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