Social Capital as a Strategy to Personal Branding for Management Instructors

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3 Professor of Farabi Campus, University of Tehran, Iran


Today, personal branding is used as a way to improve personal performance and create value and reduce exchange costs for people who want to have a greater impact on the audience. On the other hand, the concept of social capital at the micro level and interpersonal relationships also used for this purpose. Management teaching is a service to help managers to improve performance. Given the importance of marketing the services of instructors, the purpose of this study was to identify the process of personal brand formation in management teachers and based on philosophical-interpretive, fundamental orientation, qualitative method, and grounded theory. The statistical population of management instructors had a personal brand and the statistical sample of 18 of them were management instructors and personal brand researchers. The results showed that social capital is a personal brand strategy and the concepts identified as a strategy are the commonalities between social capital and the actions and reactions that form a personal brand and the process of personal branding through social capital leads to consequences. Personal brand is an image that is created in people's minds as a result of others' interactions with the person, so building a strong personal brand requires social capital for management instructors.


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