Analysis of Job Positions in Human Resource Management Architecture Model in (Case Study: Saipa Insurance Brokerage Company)

Document Type : Research Article


1 College of Farabi, university of Tehran

2 Sedco


The success of organizations in achieving the strategies and goals requires alignment of HR systems, behaviors and practices with business strategies, that this principle will be achieved in the beam of human resources architecture. Human resources architecture aims to draw major and minor directions of the human resource management and Presentation of the integrated images from HRM performance. This study examined the architecture of human resource management in Saipa insurance broker company and its suitability of desired state with using of the lepak & snell (2002) model and also explaint the typology of existionig positions based on this model.This study was conducted by using the method of case study. The statistical population of study is Saipa insurance broker company in Tehran. Targeted Sampling method is used, and data collection tools are questionnaire, interview and the descriptive statistics were used for data analysis. The results of this study show that unlike the Lepak and Snell (2002) four parts model, most jobs in Saipa insurance broker company are placed in two parts of the matrix that are contractual and commitment strategies. In other words, there is a difference between the ideal and the existing situation of human resource management systems in company.Finally; Based on Job condition, prescriptions of the subsystems in human resources were presented.


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