‌‌Identification of Affecting Factors on Intra-organizational Stroke in Public Organizations in Qom Province

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With effective communication, management of the heart of the organization, employees and other member organizations and effective organizational communication and information flow, acts as blood flow. In case of interruption of effective communication, the phenomenon of organizational stroke appears. Considering the importance of effective communication in government organizations, it is particularly important to pay attention to the factors affecting the incidence of organizational stroke. Therefore, the aim of the current research is to identify the factors affecting organizational stroke in government organizations of Qom province. The current research is practical in terms of its purpose and survey in terms of data collection. The research community were all experts who were familiar with the subject of the research and had expertise and experience in the field of organizational behavior, and human resources, and had a history of working in government organizations in Qom province. 17 people were selected by judgmental method and theoretical data saturation criteria. The research instrument was semi-structured interview. Thematic analysis and coding methods were used to analyze the data obtained from the interviews. Based on the results, in total, 29 factors were identified, which were placed in six sub-themes and two main themes, the individual factors affecting the occurrence of organizational stroke in the government organizations of Qom province were placed in three sub-themes, which are negativity; weak communication skills; and lack of openness, organizational/management factors were placed in three sub-themes which are structural factors; inappropriate communication platform in the organization; and managerial factors.


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