The surprising development of information technology has transcended confines such as time and situation as regards education and learning. This technology has accelerated the learning and education rate by revolutionizing the education settings and bringing virtual learning, virtual teaching and virtual universities into existence. The higher education system, by the means of virtual universities, not only can make it accessible for education seekers to receive education
much more easier than before, but also It is the cause root of
developing issues such as to extend group education, to learn and to teach according to individual talents, to focus on generating knowledge rather than on its one-way transmitting, to evaluate the final amount of acquired knowledge, to substitute teacher-oriented system for that of student-oriented, to grow the teacher-students and students-students transactions and finally to form research associations. In the present article the assertional method of factorial analysis has been implemented to design a model aimed at developing
virtual universities in Iran, and has analyzed the demonstrations of variables by the means of path analysis method.