The purpose of this research was to examine the relationship between leadership styles of soccer coaches and burnout of players. Statistical population included soccer players(N=340)that competed in primer league and Azadagan league of Iran in competing session of 20042005 . The players judged about leadership style of their coaches and rate of their own burnout.
The research method was based on correlation. The samples completed three inventories that included: their own Personal charactristics , burnout and leadership style of coaches.
Data analysis included descriptive statistic, the Pearson product moment correlation coafficient and Cronbach Alpha Coafficient . The value ofp * The BUrnout of %40.5 of players was over mean .
*There was significant correlation between leadership style of taskoriented and burnout.
*There was not significant correlation between combination
leadership style of coaches and burnout of players.
* There was negative correlation between burnout and relationoriented style but it wasn,t signifeciant.