Corruption as one of unfavorable realities of modem society has unprecedentedly increased in administral, political, and social systems of the world. No country with any extent of wealth and power can not claim that it has been safe from its ruinous consequent.
Corruption has various kinds that financially, moral, political and administral ones are the most important corruption, caused by bureaucratic factors, and produced by bureaucratic factors, are produced by inefficent adminstral system, negative bureaucracy, lack
of merit system, and non - effective management system. ,
This paper intends to analysis the root of corruption by using new approach.
Therefore, we analysis the relationship between corruption and the model of governorship and we emphasize that corruption is created by the kind of government relationship with other sectors and its special function and role in society.
On this base, good governorship model is introduced as a modem
model for decreasing corruption and increasing official health, and the
relationship between the mentioned model, and official corruption is explained.