Formulating of the indexes of selectiong modern leadership models and its use in the organizations


This paper surveys leadership nature at first and then proceeds to common definitions about leadership.
Then, with a glance on leadership theories, it examines them in four categorize in which in the fourth stage it introduces latest issues on leadership and two concepts, servant leadership and transformational leadership. It also examines styles and theories of Leadership during a recent century, to determine what similarities and differences exist between the two leadership concepts. In fact, some individuals question whether there is any real difference between the concepts or not. This paper refers to leaders focus in two domains in examination of this question and distinguishes the differences of the concepts along with the dimension of leader focuses.
The primary premise of the paper is that transformational leaders tend to focus more on organizational objectives while servant leaders focus more on the people who are their followers. This tendency of the servant leader to focus on followers appears to be the primary factor that distinguishes servant leadership from transformational leadership. Otherwise, there are many similarities between the two leadership concepts that a clear understanding of both frameworks helps to reveal the many similarities and the aforementioned distinction. At the next stage of developmental issues in servant leadership, such as the challenges facing empirical investigation and measurement, and the changes that are occurring in current thinking about the servant leadership approach. Ultimately, both servant leadership and transformational leadership offer the conceptual framework for dynamic leadership