Survey the relation between handing over the governmental activities and development of organizational entrepreneurship ground



Entrepreneurship has been referred as "the engine of economical development", since it can have a vital role in economical development which in turn causes the productivity growth, job making and society welfare. Golestan province water department aiming at privatization , has handed over its activities to the private section. The main point is that what results handing over the activities as a way of privatization will have for this department and what effect it will have on entrepreneurship and development. therefore, the main question of this research is: "Is there any meaningful relationship between handing over the activities and the development of entrepreneurship basis?"
The present research in applied purpose and research method is descriptive, correlation and survey. population includes staff of Golestan province water department numbered 440 which from this number ,205 people has been chosen as a sample size by using random sampling. The method of data gathering was also field and librarian and its tools were two questioners and the documents. Questioners reliability in order equal is to 95% and 93% and validity by using content – related validity method and construct validity method (Internal consistency) has been verified. Data analysis has been done using ...