Investigation of the relation between employees participation in the organizations decisions and their empowerment in telecommunication company of Mazandaran province



Employee empowerment is a new approach of internal motivation of job means to free internal energy of employee and also provides opportunities for them to actualize their talent, abilities and competencies.
Current research implemented within models of Votten and Kamron that implicate multi-dimensions of empowerment have four dimensions of feeling competent, feeling being Meaningful, self-determination and feeling effective and surveys model of Thomas Velthos and increasing dimension trust.
Result has yield level of employee empowerment getting upper of mean in the total dimension psychological empowerment.
The findings of this study have shown that higher levels of PDM are associated with significantly higher competence, meaning, impact and self-determination (p_value>0.05). A significant positive correlation was found between employees’ participation decisions making and total dimension empowerment. Coefficient correlation PDM and empowerment is 0.71 that indicates a strong relation between the two variables.