Public management and globalization: A comparative to international public management systems


This article investigates globalization phenomenon in international context and its effects on public administration systems.
Globalization despite pros and cons views and with all the advantages and limitations, is considering as a multidimensional phenomenon which affects on political, economic, cultural and social issues and in fact, it is inevitable movement that wouldn't be stopped in any way.
The main question for scholars is that what will be happened to public administration in this global and dynamic arena in the future and what will be the reaction of public administration systems against this phenomenon?
For finding the answers of this questions, in second part of this article, some evidences from managerial systems in developing countries is reviewing and their findings, realities, experiences and limitations of their public administration systems are compared due to emphasis the existing gaps between theory and practice of management in developed and developing countries.
Obviously, these kinds of analyses intensify current theories and will have significant role in formation of models and theoretical frameworks due to reconstruct the global environment and will help to realize the effects of different variables of this environment on public administration systems.