Identifying the Optimal Values of Entrepreneurship Trainers for Educating Young Entrepreneurs at Universities



Professors are one of the most effective factors in educating the students and in the effectiveness of the entrepreneurial education. Undoubtedly, the value biases of the entrepreneurship trainers have a fundamental role in forming their behavior in the process of entrepreneurship education. That is why the following research problem has been raised: What are the values of the entrepreneurship trainers for training young entrepreneurs at universities? Mixed method (interview and focus group) was used to answer the problem. Structured interview was used to gather information from the professors and the students of entrepreneurship. Based on the purposive sampling, twenty four professors and students of entrepreneurship were interviewed. The interviews were continued until theoretical sufficiency was raised, in other words, untill the new responses did not have any new data. In the interviews with structured questions, the attempt was to identify the teaching and learning experiences of students and professors in such activities. Then, the results of the data analysis were reviewed based on the focus group (seven members). Finally, the results show that the framework of the values of the entrepreneurship trainers includes medium and ultimate values. Totally, seven groups af medium values and two groups of ultimate values for the teachers of entrepreneurship were identified.