The study of challenges of establishing and implementing suggestions system in public sectors of Iran


Many public and private organizations have some kind of suggestions system in order to motivate and encourage their organization members to suggest proposals and ideas, wherewithal the organization can be improved. These proposals are then referred to committees to be studied, whereby good ideas will be submitted to the authorities. The process of evolution of ideas to workable suggestions is what the individual himself or herself, the study committee, suggestions system secretary, executive who are responsible for establishing and implementing suggestions system, and or all of them can do, which in that case, it is expected that, these suggestions will have positive consequences. But, because of some reasons which will be mentioned in this survey, organizations, and among them public organizations, which are the subject of this study, especially with attention to their differences with private sectors organizations, which is mentioned in the preface section, are confronted with challenges in establishment and implementation of suggestions system. Therefore, the viewpoints of four groups of senior authorities of establishing and implementing suggestions system, namely, managers, employees, secretaries, and members of the council of study and verification of suggestion system, in association with challenges which influences this system, are studied and they had suggested logical and practical solutions to solve, or at least to minimize, these problems. This survey has come to believe that these suggestions can help public organizations managers who are engaged in implementation of suggestions system, as well as those who had not yet engaged, in the efficient utilization of suggestions system in order to increase the employees’ participation and their thinking power