Author = Hosein Khanifar
Identifying Work Values Conceptional Model within the Framework of Islamic Value System

Volume 10, Issue 25, July 2012, Pages 61-96


Hosein Khanifar; Hasan Zaree Matin; Mohammad Hasanzadeh

An Introduction to the Methodology of Grounded Theory for Islamic Research(Presentation of a Sample)

Volume 9, Issue 23, August 2011, Pages 5-30

Amir Mehrabi; Hossein Khanifar; Ali Amiri; Hassan Zarei Matin; Gholam Reza Ghandaghi

Relationship Between Organizational Justice and Employee Engagement at Work in Social Exchange Theory Framwork

Volume 8, Issue 21, August 2010, Pages 177-200

Hosein Khanifar; Ali Amiri; Gholam Reza Jandaghi; Hadi Ahmadi Azarm; Seyeed Mojtaba Hoseini

Effects of manager’s narcissism on organizational disturbance

Volume 6, Issue 18, February 2009, Pages 79-93

Aryan Gholipor; Hossein Khanifar; Samira Fakheri Koozeh kanan


Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2006